How is leather made?

Leather is made from an animal hide. A tannery turns a hide into leather, by adding chemicals to preserve the hide and make it durable.

how is leather made infographic

The steps from hide to leather product

This infographic explains the most important steps in leather making.

  1. Leather is made from a hide. Hides come from animals that are raised for food. The main sources of animal hides are cattle 69%; sheep 13%; goats 11% and pigs 6%.
  2. The first step in leather making is the cleaning of the hide. Dirt, salt, hair and blood are being removed.
  3. Tanning is an important step because it turns a hide into leather. The tanning process involves a tanning agent, like Zeology, to preserve the hide and make it durable.
  4. After tanning, the leather is not yet reading for the production of leather goods. Extra treatment is needed to give the material the desired structure, feel, color and protection.
  5. Leather is now ready to be used and turned into shoes, bags, and more!

How leather reduces waste

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What is a tannery? Leather tannery

What is a tannery?

A tannery is a workplace where animal hides are transformed into leather. Tanning is an important process that is done