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Vegan leather isn’t as sustainable as you think

How does vegan leather stack up against animal leather? In this article from The Washington Post, researchers from the Colorado

Summer '24: Get ready for red leather

Red is the ‘it’ colour of 2024 according to most trend reports, but we also saw classic pieces reimagined in
What is a tannery? Leather tannery

What is a tannery?

A tannery is a workplace where animal hides are transformed into leather. Tanning is the most important process in a

How is leather made?

Leather is made from an animal hide. A tannery turns a hide into leather, by adding chemicals to preserve the
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Is it real or fake?

How do you know that you buy an item made of real, natural leather and not a plastic-based alternative? A
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Trash or treasure

The exhibition of Zeology Leather called ‘Trash or treasure’ was one of the eye-catchers and talking points during Alcova Milano